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Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will


Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will

Genre : Rock Indé

Label : Pias

Date de sortie : 14-02-2011

For their seventh album Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will they have continued in this vein with a brave and instinctive album that is charged with an energy, spirit and intensity few can match.

It is the sound of a band comfortable in their own skin, but clawing at the edges of their own capabilities, and drawing out something particularly special in the process. Hardcore... is a natural progression from 2008's mighty The
Hawk is Howling, but draws on a more varied sonic palette than its predecessor. It also throws into sharp relief how Mogwai the live beast and Mogwai the studio beast are two different, if complimentary animals. The monochrome starkness of their 2010 live movie/album Burning/Special Moves acknowledged the weight and scale of the band's breathtaking live shows. Hardcore… reminds us of the many moments of subtlety to be savoured from their studio work. Mogwai were birthed in the halcyon days of the mid-90s and helped Glasgow become one of the real bright spots in the musical universe again. They turned heads, hearts and stomachs with their live shows - stark aural assaults on the
senses which swung between barely there and a coruscating scree of white noise.
They've rolled out a quality half dozen albums and a clutch of EPs in the
preceding years to considerable acclaim. Some people even bought the records
too. Over time, some kindred spirits have gone missing in (rock) action, but
the original bond that held Mogwai together remains, despite geography, age and
responsibility. Certainly, there has been creative and fiscal peaks and
plateaus for them like any creative endeavour but their single mindedness has
posted them on an positive trajectory no fad, fashion or fool could derail.
They are as at home sharing a bill with electronic boffinry of Aphex Twin as
they are with doomy swoon of the The Cure or the apocalyptic rage of Neurosis.
That's probably because they can do all three, often in the same tune. So let's get one thing out of the way, the album title.
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